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The best disco in town

Bezinky & Pražské smyčce – Žiješ v éře diskoték (The Best Disco In Town)
from compilation “Disco klub”, 1978, Panton 110717
conducted by Jiří Hrábek
disko klub
original compilation cover
What was valid thirty years ago still seems to be valid today – we’re living in a disco era. And this week I have the pleasure to present you literally the best disco in town:
Saturday, June 7, 23:00 h
Kuppel Basel
Czech Oldies Party with DJ Lou Kash
The opportunity for this event should be pretty obvious. So… if you (unlike me) are interested in this, the chances are that you might find yourself in Basel this Saturday. And since you already are reading this blog, it’s very likely that you will then appreciate our little party, too.
See you in the Kuppel!

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  1. Lou Kash

    You mean the Zahradník albums? I already had Jazz Goes To Beat and Interjazz (the original Czech issues), as well as the pop sampler Zpíváme s orchestrem Václava Zahradníka (1969). So after hearing the samples on your site I also bought the other two – albeit the also Czech editions, which have different cover design and Czech liner notes (which of course doesn’t bother me :)

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