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musician & producer
DJ Lou Kash

Upcoming public performances

Lou Kash live with Anna Lu Band, Kaisers Karsau 2021-11-06
Lou Kash live with Anna Lu Band, Kaisers Karsau (D) 2021-11-06
photo © 2021 Holger Probst

Saturday, 30 September 2023, 16:00 (minus 1 = Big Boy Billy & Daddy Lou without guests)
RE: Cafe und Unverpackt
Neuweilerstrasse 2a, 4123 Allschwil (CH)
free admission

Past dates 2018–2023


Guitarist, bass guitarist, arranger, songwriter.

Lou Kash live 2017
live Summerblues Basel, Switzerland – photo © 2017 Giuseppe Catalano

Current projects

in alphabetical order

  • Anna Lu — bass guitar with Anna Lu’s pop-rock band since 2019
  • Betti Bossa (new name: Bossa Bin) — bass guitar with Sabine Bürgin’s bossa nova / latin jazz combo since 2018
  • Big Boy Billy & Daddy Lou — bass guitar and percussion as a rockabilly duo with Australian guitarist and singer Will Caddy since 2019, and with guests on drums and saxophone
  • — bass guitar and percussion, sometimes also guitar with acoustic blues combo since 2006
  • Dabagage – guitar 2020–2022 and bass guitar since 2022 with Sabine Bürgin’s avantgarde-prog-rock group
  • Lou Kash schpiut en Art vo Blues” — singer/songwriter solo program since 2017

Formerly member of various projects and bands like Ugly Blues Connection (1984–1985), Ugly Bluz […]ected (1985–1988), Freistoss (1985–1997), Im böhmischen Wald (1989–1993), Stiller Has (1990–1991), Ü (1990–1992), Circo Morelli (1993–1994, 1998), The Plookers (1993–1999), Frustpuppies (1995, 1998), M·Ø·P·P (1997–1998), Morelli S&M (1998–2000), Madam Gladyola & Das Grausen (2000), Thomas Belmont Workshop Band (2001–2003), Meniello & Lou Kash (2018–2019), Vybespace (2018–2021), Voix du bois (2020–2022), and numerous one-off or short-term live productions.

Guitar tutor 1989–1999, and again since 2019.


LP & CD compilation producer for Vampisoul & Munster Records (Madrid, Spain) since 2007, specialized on music licensed from the catalog of the Czech label Supraphon. On the respective releases responsible for track selection and sequencing, research, liner notes writing, graphic design, and since 2013 also for audio mastering.

1995–1999 mobile studio engineer and recording supervisor for various local bands in Berne, Switzerland. Producer of Marco Morelli’s first solo album “Tätsch” in 1998, co-producer of “Morelli S&M” in 2000. Co-producer of Dänu Boemle’sColumbiana” radio play and CD for EditioNovembre in 2002.

DJ Lou Kash

Digital set focused on 20th century dance music, particularly 1960s & 1970s oldies, soul, funk & disco.


  • Notebook with thousands of tracks, pluggable directly into an amplifier.
  • Tablet with hundreds of preselected tracks per request, mixed “freestyle” and headphone-less, pluggable directly into an amplifier.
  • Exclusive vinyl-only jazz & soul “lounge” set. Professional quality DJ turntables with mixing console required.
DJ Lou Kash 2016
DJ Lou Kash at Alte Markthalle Basel, Switzerland – photo © 2016 Christophe Schneider

Available for public or private parties, birthdays, weddings, or corporate events.

See contact page for booking.


1993–2009 club DJ with funk, soul, jazz, hip-hop, disco & oldies vinyl repertoire, initially performing as “DJ van Øgl”, resident at Reitschule Bern, Wasserwerk Bern, Silo Bern, Atlantis Basel, and primarily 1996–2009 at Kuppel Basel.

DJ Lou Kash at Kuppel Basel 2004
DJ Lou Kash at Kuppel Basel 2004 – photo © 2004 Xenia Häberli

1997–1998 radio DJ and presenter of the weekly show “Hmm… mir gfallt das!” at Radio RaBe.

van Øgl at Radio RaBe
DJ van Øgl at Radio RaBe, Bern, Switzerland – photo © 1998 Frans Machata